Two work days have allowed us to inspect most of our trails. No major changes this year but many of you were not aware we reopened a portion of Trail 36 last year. We have spent over $13,000 on the Tucker, replacing two tracks and some bearings. We are also paying for some mowing and sign updates. Signs are being installed with about 100 of the 1,000 we have to install in place. The Fletcher General Stores is open again, with gas and some food available but they are not selling TMA’s. TMA’s are available here on the website or from the Club Officers (call 318-7380 or email mike.f@ We will be selling TMA’s at the Fletcher General Store on Saturday December 10th from 9:00AM till Noon. The Early Bird discount ends December 15th. Last year we apparently forgot to order snow so this year we have doubled the order! It takes volunteer time and money to open the trails, regardless of the winter so please join early.