Good news – the LVRT will be open this year from Cambridge Junction to Sheldon Junction. It will be marked as Trail 136. Last year we re-opened Trail 36 north of FN81 and connected to the LVRT just east of Fairfield village. This new intersection will be marked as FN80. The Northwest Riders will be grooming to this intersection, we will groom south to the Lost Nation Road, and the Smugglers Notch Club will groom north to Lost Nation Road. Gas will be available at Stone’s in East Fairfield. The three clubs have been working on this for two seasons. We are paying for the cost to open this out of our club funds as VAST is not able to fund these temporary improvements. Culverts have been repaired, bridges decked, brush and trees cut plus signage for snowmobiling only has been added. Please note the LVRT is a curfew trail with no snowmobile traffic allowed after 11:00 PM or before 6:00 AM.