Our third work day will be Saturday October 20th. We will meet at 8:00 AM at the Fletcher Union Meeting House on Cambridge Road. We will be working on our 8th and final bridge for the year off the Fletcher Road in Fairfax.

TMA renewal forms will be mailed soon. TMA’s will be available for purchase at the Fletcher General Store about November 25th…just after rifle season ends. They will also be available on our website. We no longer sell them at L&L Sales in Bakersfield.

We have relocated groomer operations to Craig Tinker’s home on North Road in Fletcher which is more central fo our trail system. We have a few new operators this winter and want to thank Scott Hathaway and Bill Ormerod for volunteering in the past to operate and maintain our groomer. Mike Sheldon is our newest Director and is a long time Fletcher resident and club member.